Curling treatments and dyeing your hair can have detrimental effects to your natural hair. That is because when you regularly style your hair, it gets damaged easily. Thus, if you want to alter your style or planning to try a different look, you should be ready to closure wigs. A closure wig with dimension of 4×4 can be installed at the middle of your head. Usually, its strands are hand-stitched. This standard dimension makes your wig appear natural. The closure can be made of silk or lace. Most women go for a lace closure because it flatters and makes the curly hair look more beautiful.

If you are starting out with wigs, you should try 4×4 closure wig as it is easy to install and take off. Moreover, closure wigs have gained a lot of popularity with women who experience hair loss. As far as rocking your favorite hairstyle is concerned, getting a closure wig can save you a lot of time and money. These are some of the benefits you will get with this type of closure wig.

Perfect Size

You will find the 4×4 closure wig to be neither too small nor too big. Thus, it is a perfect size that covers the head. You cannot go wrong with this type of wig.

Natural Appearance

Since the closure wig provides seamless installation, it easily blends with your natural hair. Nevertheless, you have to ensure it is installed properly. When this is done, you will have an impression of a lace that is emanating from the scalp. Most manufacturers use a lace that is thin and with similar color to that of your scalp. In this way, your wig will always appear natural.

Easy Installation

This type of wig is easy to install. That is because it takes a very small area. It will reduce the time required to install your wig. Moreover, it will save you a lot of time and allow you to achieve your dream hairstyle without any hassle. Thus, this type of wig is perfect for women and ladies who are ever busy.


The 4×4 closure wig provides different parting options, such as three-way, sideway, and middle part. That makes it easy to simulate normal hair parting. Since it is made of real human hair, you can style and dye it the way you want. You have freedom to add some colors, just like you can do with weave bundles. In addition, you can straighten and bleach to get the look you want.


Other than flexibility, this wig is made of virgin hair. As a result, it is breathable and light. You will find this closure wig to be comfortable to wear especially during the summer season. Unlike most wigs, it traps less heat and protects your hair.


If you want a wig that blends with the natural hair and saves you time when it comes to styling, you should consider getting a closure wig. Since it is simple to install, it can save you a lot of time. It is definitely a wig you will love wearing.