Curly Wave, Wavy and Straight Hair

Which one do you like most, while you are choosing virgin human hair for yourself, wavy hair, curly hair or straight hair? Now I will introduce you some features about them, so that you will figure out which hair style is more suitable for you.


Curly Wave Hair

An uppercase “Z” and a lowercase “z” are main pattern of curly hair. If you want to make a youthful, fresh and vibrant look, like an attention-catcher. Curly hair could be used to create various kinds of hair styles or just let it free. Well, another reason why so many people like curly hair is that you don’t have to wash curly wave hair frequently since hair curls cover the roots of the greasy hair. It might take a longer time to straighten curly hair bundles that wavy hair bundles.

Curly Hair


Wavy Hair

Charming curve is one of the most prominent features about wavy hair so many women are likely to make that hair shape using styling tool. Body wave hair possesses “S” shape, which make wears attractive, graceful. One of the seasons why wears pick up wavy hair is that you can save time on keeping the curve of body wave hair since it is easy to keep that original shape. Moreover, hair with soft wave can make you possess an elegant, charming and feminine look catching other’s attention. Well, LollyHair have new arrivals – loose deep wave hair.

Wavy Hair


Straight Hair

The straight hair can reflect light, which make it possess mirror-like shine. Straight hair possess the beauty of simplicity. While you want to make some change, you can curl, perm or straighten according to your personal taste.


Well, if you still do not know what you look like after you install the virgin hair. Just take a move. Go and pick up the one suit for you.

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