How Do I Distinguish Real Human Hair Wigs From Synthetic Ones?

Nowadays, there are more and more people wearing hair wigs. The hair wigs are also divided into real human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Some people don’t know how to figure out the difference between them. You will feel comfortable, breathable when you wear and real human hair wigs. However, synthetic hair wig is totally different. It is very uncomfortable when you wear synthetic hair wigs. So it is necessary to distinguish between real human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, so that we can choose the right one when we want to buy it.

First, observe. We should observe the gloss of the wigs. The gloss of the synthetic hair wig is brighter, but the real human hair wig looks like our regional hair.

Real Human Hair Wigs

Second, touch. We can touch the wig by our hand. Real human hair wig feels smooth and soft, and the hair is refreshing and elegant. Although the synthetic hair looks brighter, but it feels a bit hard and it would be frizzed after using for a period of time.

Third, burn it. As we all know, there is also blend hair wig among hair wigs. Blend hair wig is usually made by human hair and synthetic hair. The easiest way to distinguish the difference is to burn it with a lighter. Take some hair and burn it. The real human hair wig smells bad when you burn it. It smells like the smell a burnt fragrance. Human hair burns out very quickly, and feels like coke, it also easily become ash. But for the synthetic hair wig, it smells like a burning plastics. It is easy to distinguish by this way. However, burning the hair can only be used to simply identify whether the hair is mixed with synthetic hair.

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