The spring and summer seasons are great times to show off your perfect beauty. Glossy hair is your best performance. Easy to achieve at home with simple steps. let us do it Now!

It is no secret that what we eat and drink affects our hair, Eating well can increase the body's nutrition to moisturize your hair. And help build strong keratin,Bring out the beautiful shine.

High-protein foods like fish, eggs, and nuts and high-oil foods like avocado are also great ways to get healthy hair.

Over Washing our hair can damage the original stratum corneum of the hair, and cause it to look, feel, and be, dry and more akin to breakage. I would like to wash our virgin hair weave about 3 times a week on average, not only does it save our time, but it keeps our hair healthier to boot.

Dry your hair, the best way to dry your hair extensions is to simply allow them to air dry. Do not use a towel to rub your hair with force as this will cause open cuticles to rub against each other causing friction. If a towel must be used, gently pat dry or wrap hair in towel to absorb the moisture.

When your hair is dry, The right hair oil or serum can not only make your hair shine, but also nourish it so that you can have healthy hair for longer.

In a word, take care your hair extensions, your hair extensions need just as much care as the hair that grows from your scalp. So you needs care just as your own hair.