Human hair wave bundles are a great choice of adding volume and length to your natural hair. There is no doubt that they are becoming more and more popular among many people. Since quality human hair wave bundles can be styled, colored, bleached and curled as natural hair, more and more wearers choose to shape virgin human hair at home by themselves. Talking about restyling human hair wave bundles, I will introduce how to straighten and styling extensions.

When you are styling virgin human hair wave bundles, you need to be very careful. Because If you damage your own hair through heat, then at least you can comfort yourself that your hair can revitalize by using hair conditioner. But as for human hair wave bundles, if you damage them heavily through heat, you might have to throw it away, which will waste your money.

Step 1: Wash your human hair wave bundles

Using a towel to absorbed excess water and then let it dry naturally until slightly damp.

Step 2: Comb your virgin human hair gently

This step is to avoid tangle problem.

Step 3: Apply a heat protection spray

It is the most important step which can minimize the damage to human hair wave bundles. Apply the heat protection spray evenly over remy hair.

Step 4: Set your flat iron to the correct temperature and heat up for about three minutes

Step 5: Clamp the iron above the hair roots and run it from the top to end

Place the flat iron 1–3 inches above hair roots which can make your hair doesn't look too flat.

Close the two heated sides together with hair between them and then move smoothly. Don’t stay in one place for too long, or your hair will get damaged.