Virgin hair extensions are considered the best quality hair of all the hair extensions. Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed chemical-free human hair which is collected from single donor. So it’s way better than synthetic hair which is easy getting tangled and shedding, and looks super unnatural on our hair style. In comparison with that, this make virgin hair quite extension, no matter you buy it before or after installation. So we might need to pay more care to maintain our virgin hair to make it last longer and still fresh and stylish. The following steps will show you how to wash virgin hair successfully.

Step 1: Make Sure All The Items You Need While Washing Your Virgin Hair

  1. conditioner
  2. Shampoo
  3. Towels
  4. comb

Step 2: Brush Your Virgin Hair Extensions Or Wigs

Check the virgin hair bundles before washing them in case they are defective.

A wide tooth or soft bristle should always use to brush your virgin hair bundles by using a bottom-up motion. It could prevent the comb pulling of the hair from their wefts. Further more, by using a wide tooth comb or soft bristle will help a lot if you encounter tangle know while combing hair extensions.

Step 3: You Need The Sink Or The Washing Bowl/Bucket

Make sure to prepare a clean sink or bucket which is filled with warm water,not hot water remember, because it is easy to damage the cuticle of the hair. Cold water has the benefit of keeping the hair moisturized and healthy. But, the best is to use warm water.


Step 4: Use Shampoo To Wash Virgin Hair

Hold your hair bundle and wet them in warm water in a half length,don’t fully immerse your hair extension in the water. It will help you prevent tangling and loosening of the weft. With this, you could apply more shampoo on the hair and rub it into the hair by using your finger,

It’s recommended that try to use alcohol-free shampoo to avoid damaging the delicate virgin hair.

Step 6: Conditioning Your Virgin Hair Bundles


To make make sure your every hair bundles is soaked in conditioner,you have to apply more conditioner on the hair and rub it with your fingers. and let the bundles stay for about 15 to 30 minutes at most and then rinse out the conditioner completely.

After that, tower is ready to drain out the excess water of the hair bundles.

Step 7: Air Dry Your Virgin Hair Bundles

After all the cleaning of the hair, lay it out and dry in the air, you could lat it out under the sunlight by taking proper notes. Having done with the cleaning job, now you are 100% free to use your talent to cut it as your favor by using a pair of scissors or shears to trim the split ends or the frizz hair. Besides, you may need extra essential oils on the virgin hair to make it more shiny ,glossy and smooth to restyle your perfect hair style look.

 how to wash virgin hair

Your life maybe isn’t perfect, but you hair can be.

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