Today, almost every woman has or is planning to buy human hair. Wearing a human hair wig is an easier way of solving your hair problem within minutes. It also allows you to change your hairstyle with minimal hassle. You can wear a long wig even when you have cut your natural hair. Buying a wig is critical in a woman’s life but the process could be tricky sometimes. Although we have some cheap wigs costing as low as $50, others cost thousands of dollars. The price of a human hair wig depends on its construction, frame, style, material, length, color, and much more.

With tens of hairstyles and thousands of wigs available in the market today, finding a great one can be time-consuming. Only experienced women and girls will find it easy. The best thing is to decide on the wig to wear before going to the beauty shop to avoid impulse purchases.

Headband wig and HD lace wig are among the most popular wigs you can buy today. In this article, we shall help guide you in deciding which is right for you between these two wigs.

HD Lace Wigs.

For many years lace wigs are made with Swiss lace but today we have modern wigs that have high-definition laces. HD laces are characterized by lightweight, thinness, the ability to match any skin color. Though someone might confuse them with transparent lace wigs, HD lace wigs unique because it is fit for women of all laces.

The HD lace front wigs also have variations. The most popular include the 13x4 HD lace frontal wigs and 13x6 HD lace frontal wigs. Both wigs are 13 inches long while the 4 and 6 represent their width in inches respectively. Each wig has its advantages and disadvantages and not all can meet your needs.

All HD front lace wigs give women a natural look. They are more comfortable to wear and have great breathability. This means you can wear it in any weather as long as you install it correctly. You can also go for a 5x5 HD lace closure wig if you are looking for a more affordable wig. The wig is also easier and convenient to install and remove.

Features of HD Lace Wigs.

  1. They don’t tangle and have minimal shedding.
  2. Mainly made of Swiss lace with baby hair that gives you a natural hairline.
  3. High definition laces are soft, lightweight, and more transparent than traditional lace wigs.
  4. Easy to wear because of the rear elastic bands.
  5. Gives you a natural look making it perfect for daily use.
  6. Made from 100% real human hair that isn’t chemically treated.

Headband Wigs.

This is another amazing human hair wig for beginners and women with very tight programs. These wigs are much different from lace wigs. A headband wig though referred to as a half wig by some women, doesn’t come with an attached lace. The most unique feature of this wig is the meshed elastic net cap that covers three-quarters of your head. It also comes with a beautiful headband that covers the front part of your head.

The absence of lace makes it convenient to wear this wig. Experienced women can wear it in a minute or so. These wigs are also more affordable than any human hair lace wig you can find in the market.

Features of Headband Wigs.

  1. Doesn’t use adhesives such as glue and therefore it’s a good wig to protect your natural hair.
  2. Highly versatile than most lace wigs. You can style it differently depending on the occasion you wish to attend. A bun or a ponytail is easy to achieve with a high-quality human hair wig from a reliable dealer.
  3. 100% virgin human hair that doesn’t tangle or shed. Since the hair is soft and natural, it can be curled, straightened, dyed, or restyled conveniently.
  4. Adjustable straps and combs to ensure it fits on heads of varying sizes.
  5. Natural and comfortable to wear because of its perfect size and the breathable cap. The headband doesn’t cause tension to your head like in some traditional wigs. The wig displays your natural hairline.
  6. Economical in terms of time used to wear it and the initial buying price.

Types of Hair Used to Make These Wigs.

We have seen the differences between the headband and the HD lace wigs. Whichever wig you buy, you need to go for a human hair wig. Human hair extensions have a more natural look and have proven to be more durable than synthetic options. Human hair wigs will also protect your natural hairline that isn’t possible with synthetic wigs.

Human hair is categorized depending on the origin as well as the texture. About the origin, we have Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, and Malaysian hair. All these hair types have varying textures.

You can choose to buy curly, wavy, or straight hair bundles depending on your preferred pattern. If you don’t like styling your hair, you can buy a straight human hair HD lace or headband wig.

Brazilian hair is very popular among women due to its stunning look. It’s soft with a natural flow and is also available in different textures. The hair is directly cut from women who sell their hair as a source of income in Brazil. The hair is then used to manufacture wigs or hair weave bundles but it’s not treated with chemicals. Depending on your preference, you can choose between straight, water wave, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, or curly Brazilian hair.


When buying a hair wig, it is advisable to be extra careful to purchase a piece that is worth your bucks. Again, you need a hairpiece that gives you a natural look on top of adding value to your beauty. With a classic human hair wig, people won’t note that you are in a wig. Both HD lace and headband wigs are great hair extensions. However, a headband wig is exceptionally convenient and affordable. It’s also undetectable when worn despite your skin tone.