Compared with styling hair by hairstylist at salon, coloring virgin human hair at home can save much money, so more and more people choose to dye hair by themselves. The most essential point is that you need to make sure your human hair wig is 100% human hair. It means that you can treat virgin human hair as your natural hair such as color, dye, bleach and restyle.

Now I will introduce some tips about coloring straight human hair bundles.

In the first place, hair dye, developer, disposable gloves, and a mix bowl are the tools used in the process of coloring hair. You could buy these on beauty supply shop or salon. Before buying hair color, you should pick up a suitable color. You need to consider your skin color and the color of your usual style of dressing. Well, you could read the article I wrote before.

Next, gently wash virgin human hair bundles with shampoo but not use any styling products. Absorb excess water with a towel and leave hair extensions to dry naturally. Remember not to hair dryer.

And next, comb your curly wave hair wig to avoid hair tangle and knots. Using clips to part your hair extensions into several sections.

And then, put on your gloves and mix up the proper amount of hair color and developer in the bowl. After applying it evenly to your hair wig, cover your hair wig with a shower cap. Within about 35 minutes, the dye will permeate the hair extensions.

Lastly, wash straight hair wig under warm water. Use your finger to gently comb your Malaysian virgin hair until the water rinse off the dye completely. Dry your virgin hair naturally.