In the past year, human hair bundles have become a trend among various women globally. This has seen thousands of companies sprouting to make this product for women who are ever demanding it. Women love human hair bundles because they are easy to apply. Again, they give women a natural look. Because we all love changes, the use of hair bundles is paramount because you can achieve a new look overnight. If you have short natural hair, putting on human hair bundles can help you achieve your dream long hair length.

What are Hair Bundles?

When we talk of human hair bundles, we refer to some amazing hair extensions that give you a natural look and are non-invasive. These extensions are well designed for weaves. To achieve an outstanding appearance, you are required to attach the bundle to your natural hair. The best thing is that you will achieve a new look in a few minutes. Hair bundles vary in length, color, and material.

Adding hair bundles to your head increases the length of your hair or thickens your hair if it’s weak and scarce. When added correctly people will hardly note that you have a hair extension on your head.

Human hair bundles come at different prices depending on the quality of the bundles you choose to buy. You can use them if you are suffering from a damaged hairline, baldness, or hair loss. Depending on the hair extension you purchase, you can either go to a hairstylist or do it yourself at home.

Applying Hair Extensions.

One of the main worries about hair bundles is their price. However, I want to make it clear that prices much depend on the method of application you choose. If you choose a method that you can successfully manage, the better for you. It will lower the overall cost of the weave.

Clip-ins are some of the most popular hair extensions in the market today. This method of hair extension application is simple and convenient. It applies clips to attach the hair bundles to your natural hair. Experienced women can take under five minutes to complete the entire process. Hair that is attached with hair clips doesn’t slide on the head.

Most people will use at least three hair bundles but you can use as many as you wish to achieve a specific look. The length of the bundles highly determines the number of hair bundles you use on your head.

Human Hair Bundles vs Synthetic Hair Bundles.

The main difference between these hair extensions is the material used to make them and ultimately their prices. Human hair extensions are made from natural human hair and hence have a natural look when worn on your head. Even the human hair bundles vary in colors, length, and hairstyles. The differences are evident depending on the origin of the hair donors. Some common extensions include Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian human hair bundles, Malaysian human hair bundles, and Indian human hair bundles.

Hairstyles for Human Hair Bundles.

If you go to work every day and want an easy way to change your appearance, go for hair bundles. Hairstyles for a working woman should be classic and shouldn’t have unnecessary accessories. The style should be simple and less time-consuming to avoid consuming much of your morning hours. If you want to achieve many hairstyles, it’s good to go for long hair.

Women have in history loved bob, ponytail, and chignon hairstyles. All are easy to achieve and will make you look professional. Company managers or senior government officials are rarely allowed to have fancy looks that are common among celebrities. You are required to be modest in hair that has a natural hair color. If you decide to choose hair extensions that have some funny looks, you might lose respect and confidence among your colleagues.

Below are some of the sophisticated styles you can achieve using hair bundles:

Hairstyles for Short Hair.

Bob is one of the most popular classic hairstyles that are simple to achieve. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time styling your hair, a well-cut bob becomes an ideal hairstyle for you. You only need a straight fringe to cut the hair and get a stunning look. It is a good hairstyle if you work in an office or institution where the official dressing code is obligatory.

This is another amazing hairstyle that gives women an amazing look. However, if the hair is meant for attending to office responsibilities, it should be a bit short. A minimalistic ponytail will give you a great look. When you want to be in a ponytail, remember to use a hairband to hold your hair together. The style is very professional and convenient even for beginners. 

  1. Straight Chignon.

Chignon is the best hairstyle for long or medium-length hair. It works best for women who don’t like long hair that falls on their faces. Extremely long hair bundles can be distracting if you have a busy day in the office. However, making this style can be challenging but it becomes easier with time.

Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Though short hair is more recommended for work, you can still look professional in long hair. One of the hairstyles is to use a striking braid and achieve an elegant look. To achieve this, start by washing your natural hair and gather a hair strand on top of your head into a ponytail. You should then choose the other two strands underneath the ponytail and braid them together. Repeat this process on your entire head. A hairband is necessary to secure the hair when you finish.

Another popular hairstyle for long hair is Chignon or Low Bun. It makes any woman fashionable. The process involves the use of hair clips and hairpins. After washing your hair, slit the hair into three parts and roll the thick part to make a chignon. Use hair pins to hold it in position. The other two strands should be tied around the chignon. Hold them in position with hairpins. Let some little hair hang around your face to have a more natural look.