A woman might forget to take a meal but cannot live for a minute without their beauty in mind. Don’t be shocked to find out that some women spend more money on their heads than on food! This is possible. A lot of women turned to the use of various hair extensions available in the market today. Of course, we all want to achieve a stunning look.

Among the most used type of wigs are the lace front wigs because they offer an incredible look to any woman who wears them. These wigs are created using the ventilation technique. In this technique, individual hair strands are stitched to a unique base made of lace a lace material. This material is preferred because it resembles natural skin and is available in different colors. Therefore, you are free to choose a color that blends with your skin tone. The laces are thin which makes them hard to detect.

Just like the wigs come in different colors, the laces are also different. Currently, we have Swiss laces, German Laces, French laces, and Korean laces. The Swiss laces are more vulnerable due to their thinness but are a great option if you want a human hair wig with an undetectable lace. French laces are the most popular among women because they are undetectable but are stronger than their Swiss counterparts. Machine-made wigs are known for thick laces and therefore cannot use French and Swiss laces because they easily get damaged. The thin wig laces are common in human hair wigs that are made by hand and are light in weight.

What makes them Unique?

Lace wigs are a bit different from standard wigs. To begin with, they are the most undetectable type of wigs you can find in the market today. Thanks to their lace design on these wigs. Unless someone looks at you closely, no one will realize you have worn anything on your head. Lace wigs are common among celebrity women like Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, and Jessica Simpson among others.

But why do these celebrities love these wigs? There are a few reasons why you would also want to use these type of wig:

  • Can be worn while swimming.
  • Causes no damage to your natural hair.
  • You can part them to create a ponytail.
  • Time-saving wigs.

Lave wigs are liked by many women because they are attached with waterproof wig glues (adhesives) around one’s head. No adhesive is applied on your hair and hence keeps it safe. On the other hand, it only takes a few minutes to fit the lace wig on your head. This is contrary to sew-in weaves that may take you hours in a saloon. With proper care, these wigs can last for several years. Additionally, you can wear a lace wig for weeks at a time. For any woman who wants to add color, style, length, texture, body, etc… lace wigs are the option to take.

Today, lace front wigs have become popular than any other type of wig you can find in a beauty shop. In the past days, they were only popular among celebrities but women of all walks are using them today. Though most of the human hair lace wigs are expensive, we also have cheap options for the same. Alopecia and chemotherapy patients can walk with confidence with lace wigs. These wigs effectively serve women who are suffering from hair loss or women with naturally shaggy hair. If you have short hair and want to be in a long hairstyle and you only need to purchase a long lave wig which can be curly or wavy.

If you are a man and your fiancé has hair that doesn’t grow, you can still have her in your favorite appearance. You only spare a few minutes and walk to a beauty shop and pick a lace wig that is appealing to your eyes. Don’t be lured by the prices of regular weaves. Whether you buy a full lace wig or a front lace wig, it will cost you a few hundreds of dollars. Some can cost over $1000 but the good thing is that she will use them for years.

Types of Lace Wigs.

There are different types of incredible lace wigs on the market. The difference is notable in terms of the type of lace used, type of hair used, cap construction, and the method used to make a particular wig as stated earlier.

For cap construction, we have thin skin wigs, full lace wigs, lace with stretch, front lace wigs, and so on. Among these, some women love full lace wigs because they can be styled in different ways and parted anywhere. The front lace wigs have lace that only covers the front of your head but styling is limited because they auger well with back hairstyles. Thin skin wigs have their hair attached to a plastic base that perfectly adheres to the head.

Some wigs come in a combination of lace and thin skin technologies. The skin lace wigs are referred to as glueless lace wigs because you use them without adhesives. Not all lace wigs are made of human hair; others are made of synthetic hair. That is why you need to be careful to avoid buying the wrong quality wig. We always encourage women to buy hairpieces from reputable sellers like nadula.com to get high-quality human hair wigs of all types.

No matter the appearance you want to achieve with your wig, lace wigs remain a great choice. They are common among all ethnicities and not a particular race as the case for some hair extensions. Some advanced companies offer custom-designed wigs at an extra fee. For a custom lace wig, you’ll be allowed to choose the wig density, color, hairline, type of curl or wave, and much more.

Among the most preferred modern wigs is the 13x4 lace front wig. This type of wig is categorized as a half wig because it covers from ear to ear. It’s amazingly designed with a 13-inch length to help you achieve a stunning look.


Though there are thousands of hairpieces available for use by women in the market today, wigs are always incredible. Well-fitted wigs will protect your natural hair and allow it to grow and will serve you for several years if you buy human hair wigs. Keep in mind that cheap is expensive as you walk into a beauty shop to buy a lace wig.