Basic Knowledge about Virgin Human Hair

If you are the first time to choose virgin human hair, this article might help you know some basic knowledge about virgin human hair.

The first question might be “What is virgin human hair?”. Virgin human hair is unprocessed chemically which is from one single person without any mix, so it is very healthy, shiny and durable. Also virgin human hair could be treated as your own hair, such as restyled, bleached, and colored according to your personal favor. Most of virgin human hair has double weft, which can avoid excessive shedding from the weft and extend the life span of use.

The second one could be “How many bundles do I need to order?”. This depends on the desired look that you are trying to possess. Usually 3-4 bundles can make a head, if you want to make a fuller and thicker hair look, you could choose to install 4 bundles.

I think many girls will have this question “How long will my hair bundles last?”.

Usually your virgin hair bundles can last for more than 6 months with proper care. And this question may lead to another question “How do I properly take care of my hair extensions?”.

To properly keep your human hair extensions, you need to follow several suggestions. First of all, before you go to bed, you can braid remy human hair or put it in a bun. Or you could put on a cap which is made from some kind of soft materials to avoid your human hair wig moving around when you fall asleep. Secondly, when you get up in the morning, you should use your fingers or a hairbrush to comb your hair extensions. If you find it tangling, don’t brush it roughly, which might make hair frizz. To comb your hair in one direction can help avoid shedding and tangling. Last but not least, hair conditioners are good for human hair bundles, so apply it on human hair wig every week or so. It can moisturize and rejuvenate the hair, especially when your hair is damaged.


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How to Wear Human Hair Wig

Maybe you are the first time to wear virgin human hair wig, now I will give you some suggestion about how to wear a wig. It could be divided into two main steps: apply a hair net and wear a wig.

Firstly, compared with someone with long hair, people with short hair will find them easier to wear hair nets. They just need to place their hair into the hair net. But for people with long hair, they need to put long hair on or braid hair before wearing hair nets. But, here is a problem. Since the hair is tied or braided, there will always be some uneven lumps. Since what you want to achieve through wearing virgin hair is to hide your real hair and make your straight human hair wig look natural, so this method is not the perfect one to wear the hair net. The best way to wear the hair net is no matter long or short hair, do not braid hair, just directly put the hair net into the neck, then pull up the end of the hair net, put all the hair into it. Don’t forget to rub your hair apart by hand. Make the hair spread evenly.

And there are some points that you need to pay attention to. When you pull up the hair net, the end of the hair net facing down (the end of the tight mouth) must press the hairline, do not exceed it. Over pulling the hair net make it easy to loosen. As for people with long hair and large hair volume, you should use some small clips on the closing position to fix your wig after wearing the hair net.

Here is the last step: apply the wig. As long as you wear the hair net, body wave hair wig is easy to be applied. After the wig is worn, you can feel that there are two small pieces of protruding lining of the wig’s corner position. Pull the lining with both hands and adjust it to the symmetrical position.

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Advantages of Human Virgin Hair

At this moment, more and more modern women are likely to choose virgin human hair to add hair length and volume. The popularity of human hair wig increases rapidly since it have many advantages.

The first is that you can have healthy and shiny hair without waiting. Wearing straight hair wig made of fair and gorgeous straight hair bundles can enhance wearers appearance up to next level, making them be eye-catchers.

Virgin hair extensions won’t hurt your hair and scalp since hair bundles are 100% human hair without any mix of synthetic hair or animal hair. It isn’t chemically processed. So you don’t have to worry about that question. Virgin human hair is definitely safe for you.

The third is trying different colors and hair styles without making a change on your natural hair. If you want to have wavy hair look to make you look graceful, then a body wave virgin hair wig is a good choice. And if you want to show beauty of simplicity, you can choose straight virgin hair and you can straighten your body wave hair since virgin human hair could be treated like your own hair.

Virgin hair weave mostly is double machine weft for extending virgin hair’s life to more than 6 months, since this process can avoid excessive shedding problem.


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Tips about Coloring Your Human Hair Bundles

Compared with styling hair by hairstylist at salon, coloring virgin human hair at home can save much money, so more and more people choose to dye hair by themselves. The most essential point is that you need to make sure your human hair wig is 100% human hair. It means that you can treat virgin human hair as your natural hair such as color, dye, bleach and restyle.

Now I will introduce some tips about coloring straight human hair bundles.

In the first place, hair dye, developer, disposable gloves, and a mix bowl are the tools used in the process of coloring hair. You could buy these on beauty supply shop or salon. Before buying hair color, you should pick up a suitable color. You need to consider your skin color and the color of your usual style of dressing. Well, you could read the article I wrote before.

Next, gently wash virgin human hair bundles with shampoo but not use any styling products. Absorb excess water with a towel and leave hair extensions to dry naturally. Remember not to hair dryer.

And next, comb your curly wave hair wig to avoid hair tangle and knots. Using clips to part your hair extensions into several sections.

And then, put on your gloves and mix up the proper amount of hair color and developer in the bowl. After applying it evenly to your hair wig, cover your hair wig with a shower cap. Within about 35 minutes, the dye will permeate the hair extensions.

Lastly, wash straight hair wig under warm water. Use your finger to gently comb your Malaysian virgin hair until the water rinse off the dye completely. Dry your virgin hair naturally.

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Tips about straightening your virgin human hair

The nice choice to add volume and length to natural hair is to wear virgin human hair bundles. We all know that virgin human hair extensions become more and more popular among many fashionable persons. Since quality human hair bundles could be restyled as natural hair, such as colored, dyed, bleached, curled and straightened, and more and more wearers choose to shape virgin human hair wig at home by themselves. I will introduce how to straighten and style virgin human extensions.

You need to be careful when you are ready to style human hair wigs. If you own hair are damaged by high temperature which make hair dry and split, then at least you can comfort yourself that your own hair can be revitalized by hair conditioner. But if you damage Malaysian human hair through styling tool, you might have to throw it away. It’s a pity.

Here are some tips about styling body wave human hair wig:

Firstly, wash human hair bundles. Absorb excess water by a towel and then let it dry freely until it is slightly damp. 

Next, comb gently virgin human hair extensions. The aim of this step is to avoid tangling. 

And then, daub heat protection spray. It is the most important step to protect hair human hair from high temperature, which can minimize the damage to hair extensions. 

Next, When you apply the hair protection spray evenly over human virgin hair, set your flat iron to the appropriate temperature and warm up for about three minutes. 

At last, clamp the iron above the hair roots and run it from the top to the end. In order not to make your hair doesn’t look too flat, place the flat iron 1-3 inches above hair roots. Close the two heated sides of flat iron together with hair between them and move smoothly. Remember not to stay in one place for too long, or your hair will be damaged.

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How to Keep Curls and Waves of Human Hair Extensions

Some people often complain that waves and curls of human virgin hair extensions couldn’t keep the original pattern after being washed. Actually, all people with wavy or curly natural hair may meet the same trouble. But some people’s wavy and curly hair still could their beautiful shape even if they wash their hair many time.


Actually, whether body wave hair extensions could keep their original hair styles or not depends on the way of taking care of hair bundles. Manufactures of virgin hair extensions not only have the knowledge about how to produce hair extensions but know how wearers take care of Brazilian hair bundles. After  wash hair bundles, we will figure out that waves and curls of Malaysian hair extensions become straight or loose, not the same as before. Don’t worry.


Dry your hair with a towel to absorb excessive water. Don’t forget not to make it very dry. Because hair is wet, it is easily damaged by hair dryer. When hair doesn’t drip any more, use cold hair or let hair wig dry naturally in the air. When human hair extensions are only slightly moist, apply some hair oil on hand and gently massage it. And then apply it on your hair evenly. Don’t forget to use your finger to comb human hair bundles in one direction- from the top to the end. And use your finger to curl your human hair bundles according to its pattern when you use hair dryer to make hair dry. At last, remember to conditioning Indian hair bundles deeply every two weeks. This is to moisturize hair extensions to keep it in good condition so that hair won’t be dry or split easily. This method could also avoid tangle and shedding problem.


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The Steps about How to Make Human Hair Look Naturally

People who wear virgin human hair wig, they definitely won’t let others around them realize this fact. If the hair look is unnatural, it doesn’t really mean you have chosen a terrible human hair wig. The reason why the hair look is unnatural may be that it doesn’t suit you or you wear remy human hair wig in a wrong way. Now, I will introduce several simple steps about wearing Brazilian human hair wig.


Firstly, Comb, trim and style your human hair wig to make them natural and beautiful. If you don’t know how to shape your curly wave human hair wig, you can go to find stylists in some particular salons to get your virgin human hair wig shaped. Since hair wig is 100% human hair, it could be restyled as natural hair, such as straightened, dyed, colored or any other way according to your personal demand.


Secondly, before you wear human hair wig, in order to keep your hair, you should wear a stocking or a wig cap on your hair. This can make you hair not slip out breaking the illusion of a wig. You need to spread natural hair evenly under the wig cap to make sure there are no unnatural hair bumps under the wig.


Fix hair wig firmly. The way you attach depends on the kind of wig and your preferences.

You could use a hair clip or wig tape to hold the wig in place.

Keep your lace front wigs be in good condition in proper way. Ask human hair manufacturer what kind of hair product could be used to protect hair wig from damage and ask about the right way to wash human hair extensions.

You could add a colored head scarf or other accessory on your hair to make the hair look more natural. Sometimes, the wearer’s body language also will make the wig look unnatural. Usually adding one accessory can make your straight hair wig look more natural.

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Something about How to Protect Malaysian Hair from Damage

Since it’s easy for wearers to manage straight hair, it is a popular hair style among working women. It looks glossy with mirror-like shine. However too much times of straighten your natural hair will make it split, dry and lose its luster. At the meantime, you might use gels, sprays and other hair products. Since these hair products will damage your own hair, you should consider Malaysian straight hair extensions.

 Straight Human Hair


Natural luster, softness and high elasticity are the main merits of Malaysian hair extensions. So it could blend more naturally with natural hair. Although it is thick and durable, it has light weight. Since it is 100% human hair, it’s not easy to be split. Like other hair materials, Malaysian wavy hair bundles also require appropriate care to keep them shiny and soft.

Body Wave Hair


Now I will introduce some great tips for you.

Firstly, use your fingers or wide-toothed hairbrush through hair to comb your hair in order to avoid tangle problem. But don’t forget to comb Malaysian virgin human hair gently. Don’t be rude or your straight human hair extensions might shed.


Secondly, remember to wash your hair extensions regularly. After using gentle shampoo, cover your hair with conditioner that moisturizes Malaysian hair wig. Especially when your hair starts to dry, conditioner is great for your hair extensions, which moisturizes and rejuvenates your Malaysian hair lace wig. Don’t forget to use a shampoo with neutral PH. In order not to make your hair dry, you’d better avoid over washing. After you wash your straight human hair extensions, you should absorb excess water gently with a towel and then leave it dry naturally. But if you have to use the hair dryer, set it in a medium-low heat.

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Advantages of Brazilian Human Hair Extensions

Have you ever met a time when you want to attend a party with long and wavy hair, but your hair is short and straight now. I highly recommend body wave virgin human hair extensions. It is not treated by any chemical processes. So you could restyle it as your own hair extensions such as color, bleach, and perm. Its material is 100% human hair without any mix of synthetic hair or animal hair.


What does make Brazilian hair so popular with many women?

We can use thick, light and soft to describe Brazilian human hair. It is a little bit hard to style Asian hair. And Caucasian is generally weak so it couldn’t hold a style for a long time. But Brazilian hair could keep the hair pattern for a long time even after several times of washing.


What are the advantages of Choosing Brazilian virgin human straight hair wig?

It is wise for you to choose virgin human hair extensions, since it could be reused for many times. You don’t need to sit on the chair of a salon for a long time. What’s more, your own hair won’t be damaged by restyling.


Since Brazilian hair is just so gorgeous, your human hair bundles will look perfectly natural when they are used to make a wig. Virgin human hair is donated from girls. This makes sure the hair bundles is healthy, natural and durable.


Moreover, Brazilian hair is easy to be dyed, bleached and restyled. You could style any hair pattern according to your personal taste. Since it is easy to keep hair styles very easily, so you could spend less time on making new hair styles. So you could have more time to enjoy your life with your new look.

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Curly Wave, Wavy and Straight Hair

Which one do you like most, while you are choosing virgin human hair for yourself, wavy hair, curly hair or straight hair? Now I will introduce you some features about them, so that you will figure out which hair style is more suitable for you.


Curly Wave Hair

An uppercase “Z” and a lowercase “z” are main pattern of curly hair. If you want to make a youthful, fresh and vibrant look, like an attention-catcher. Curly hair could be used to create various kinds of hair styles or just let it free. Well, another reason why so many people like curly hair is that you don’t have to wash curly wave hair frequently since hair curls cover the roots of the greasy hair. It might take a longer time to straighten curly hair bundles that wavy hair bundles.

Curly Hair


Wavy Hair

Charming curve is one of the most prominent features about wavy hair so many women are likely to make that hair shape using styling tool. Body wave hair possesses “S” shape, which make wears attractive, graceful. One of the seasons why wears pick up wavy hair is that you can save time on keeping the curve of body wave hair since it is easy to keep that original shape. Moreover, hair with soft wave can make you possess an elegant, charming and feminine look catching other’s attention. Well, LollyHair have new arrivals – loose deep wave hair.

Wavy Hair


Straight Hair

The straight hair can reflect light, which make it possess mirror-like shine. Straight hair possess the beauty of simplicity. While you want to make some change, you can curl, perm or straighten according to your personal taste.


Well, if you still do not know what you look like after you install the virgin hair. Just take a move. Go and pick up the one suit for you.

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How to Test Virgin Human Hair Wig

If you are the first time to purchase human hair wig, you must know something about how to identify that the virgin hair is real or not.

First of all, body wave human hair wig is real hair from human donors which is unprocessed chemically so virgin human hair should not have strong chemical smell. So if the hair has very bad smell, you should be careful that it might undergo chemical process.

Body Wave Human Hair Wig

And then you should beware of the excessive shedding problem. Most of human hair bundles have been processed with double machine weft in order to make sure the hair is very tight and strong, extremely extending hair life.

Next you can burn virgin human hair, but be careful, just need a few strands of hair. If the hair you bought is real human hair, it should burns completely and smells like human’s hair being burnt. Otherwise, it would burn much slower and smells like burning plastic, like synthetic hair.

Oh, you’d better check the hair’s length is same as the description. If the hair you purchased is wavy hair or curly hair, you should let the hair be stretched to straight and then measure it, not just measure the hair directly while it still keep the original shape.

What’s more, if your virgin hair is with top quality, it would keep its original shape after being washed.

At last, your virgin straight hair wig could be treated as your own hair. It can be dyed, bleached and restyled according to personal favor. But don’t forget to apply protective spray on your hair weave, before using heat tools on your hair extensions

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Factors Need To Be Considered When People Choose Hair Color

Wearing a wig in fashionable and stylish hair style can make you have an unique look, be easily noticed in the center of crowd. Well since hair bob wig is made up of 100% human hair, it could be treated as natural hair, such as perm, dye and restyling. Before buying your hair wig, you should take many factors into consideration, especially its color. But sometimes you can find hair wig with the color suits your taste, you can choose to dye your curly hair wig since it could be dyed or restyled human hair wig according to your need.

Well, pick up color to dye the wig is not easy work. You have to consider many factors which would effect the final result.


The wear’s age is one of the basic factor. Generally, people who are in senior years are likely to pick up a warm, golden or black color while young women prefer to choose some bold colors.


Considering the different occasions you attend, you’d better to choose suitable hair wig color. If you take part in a masquerade, it is wonderful for you to pick up a unique and bold color. But if you join some formal banquets, you need to choose some colors such as black or brown hair color.

Skin Tone

This might be the most essential factor while you choose the color of straight hair wig. You definitely have to choose a color that match your skin tone, or you might not achieve the goal you pursuit. If your complexion is light brown, you could choose an adorable dark brown color. A cold skin tone would be perfectly with wigs in burgundy. Red loose deep wave hair wig will be a nice choice for someone with fair complexion.
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