More and more people are familiar with hair extensions now. Hair wefts always appears in our daily life. For example, if you want to change another hairstyle and do not want to do anything for your hair, hair extension will be a good choice for you. And if you don’t like your new hairstyle you just made, hair extension can help you. Besides, hair extensions can make thin hair look lush. Hair extensions can be as natural as a real hair if the length, color and the way of applying are correct.


Hair extensions requirements:

In general, the original hair should be at least 7 cm long, it is not suitable for hair extension if the hair is too short. If you have already dyed your hair, you have to dye the hair wefts to the same color and then apply it. Before applying the hair extensions, you can consult the hairdresser whether you are suitable for hair extension and what kind of hair is suitable for you.


Length of hair extension:

It would be better if you choose hair extensions shorter than 30 inches. Because if it is longer than 30 inches, it will be a burden for your head and cause a damage to your original hair. It is suggested that the length of hair extensions for women should be 22 inches at most.


Method of applying hair extensions:

The previous method of applying hair extensions was gluing with glue. It looks very unnatural. Nowadays, there are more methods of hair extension, such as clip in, sew in, tape, glue/keratin bond and micro bead. These methods can make hair extensions more natural and comfortable, and it can be used for longer time.

If you feels hurt when you apply hair extensions, the way you apply may be wrong. If your hairdresser told you that the pain is due to the tight weaving, it is not true. You may feel it exits on the first day, but you will not have a clear feeling after being accustomed to it.

Types of hair extensions