For who are doing this wig business line, hair is essential of the business,and basically it has 2 categories which is human hair and synthetic hair

Real hair contains:

  1. Human hair
  2. Animal hair

while synthetic wig is only made from artificial fiber made but it contains:

  1. high temperature fiber
  2. Low temperature fiber
  3. Protein filament
  4. ice silk

People might ask that which one is better ? human hair or synthetic hair ? well, everything has 2 sides, human hair is limited because it was directly cut from donors, that make it expensive,so it is also called “black golds”. while synthetic hair is generally made from modified polyester.low cost and long-lasting hair shape,but synthetic also are good in craft work, so it make wig looks like real hair, it’s economic to do mass production.

But here we are mainly focusing on human hair. Where does it come from ? and how come with such large quantity ? how did they collect? How it proceed? Are those hair hygienic?does it carry bacteria? will it cause disease on us ? with those questions on our mind, let’s explain it one by one !

Nowadays, hair is formed as a system with mature management industry. It’s both professional in collecting hair to proceeding hair.

Back to 1980, when all the machine is not generally widespread,hair collected by people who is yelling along the street ,if some families have hair to sell, will ask him to stop and sell hair to him.

So those hair were collected to different countries.

Dates back to the old days in China, hair normally collected from girls and sell them to hair market then it were all going to the hair processing factory.but in Indian,they have religion,it’s said that hair only can be cut in temple, it’s not allowed to cut it by themself. So now we call it “temple hair”. While Southeast Asian people are smart to think up that collect their hair by everyday falling hair, day by day to save up a large hair. So it could exchange for some money to make ends meet.

When all the hair are collected, it’s all called virgin hair, and is not directly processing, hair need to be proceeding by processing factory to make them into bundles. And hair bundles only calculated by even number like 8’ 10’ 12’ etc. And there’s no such size as 9’ 11’ 13’ in odd number. That’s because hair industry begins from Korea, while they using inch unit.

So how does the hair make into bundles.

You could check the picture below.

Hair extension hair bundles


hair weave

But now, hair are all collected from worldwide,lots of people are going out abroad to collect hair and now it become more systematic and manageable.

Hair mostly are from developing country area, because people in a great living standard area normally cut their hair very often,so it’s harder to collect the long length and organize hair.

So today,let’s stop here and will continue to update if you guys want to know more about the hair history !