Have you ever inspired by celebrity’s hair style? I believe many of you do so, but few of you dare to try. If you think they are wearing their original hair to make that hair look, you are 100% misguided by their commercial campaign. They actually wear hair extensions or to be more specific it’s a hand-made wig.

 kylie Jenner Blonde Hair

As you may know a lot of bloggers or lookbook and youtube influencers are like to buy hair extensions or hair bundles to make wig to get many hair style looks as many as they want to catch up with OOTD or OOTW.

And you probably have seen many inspiration ideas from celebrities like kylie Jenner,Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston etc;

As you may know from street snap, kylie chase her hair style more often than her lip colors.

You may see her in gold blonde hair,stunning color to be in the spotlight.

blonde hair bob wig

You may see her in black straight hair that looks gentle and elegant.

Black Straight Hair Kylie Jenner

You may see her in pink,green, hair extension,and those extensions looks like real one.

 Colorful Hair Kylie Jenner

With so many ideas getting from celebrities,maybe it’s time for you to save up you money,to buy hair extensions instead of the whole expensive Wig.

so here's 2 ways for you to achieve this.

  1. Time saving way: make installation in your local salon,they know how to make it right and perfect.if you are raw at this installation, just say your requirements to the stylist and she will take care of the rest.
  2. Sense of achievement: you might know that many youtubers do the hair tutorials online, if you are good at this hair handwork, it’s a good chance to start making your wig, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Still checking out new hair style but afraid of taking a step? well,try wigs !!!