Hair etxension Care for virgin human hair                   

Have you taken hair extensions? Do you know how to take care of hair extensions? Here are some tips about how to maintain the hair extensions. It can be used for more than 3 months if you can take good care of it.

  1. Combs for combing hair must be round and wide, and comb gently, otherwise it will cause hair shedding.
  2. In order to protect the scales of the hair and make it shinier, you should choose acidic or a P H value close to acidic shampoos and hair conditioners must be acidic when you wash the hair.
  3. Do not expose to the sun for a long time.
  4. Keep a distance between the hair dryer and the hair extensions when blowing. And do not steam the sauna after the hair extension because they will affect the adhesion of the hair extension adhesive.
  5. Gently wash the hair extension while shampooing.
  6. Hair wigs need to be regular cared: wigs bought from professional wig shops can be sent back regularly to the shop to clean. If it is bought from a small shop, you can use a moisturizing shampoo. Soak the hair piece in cold water for a few minutes, then change the water and add 2 drops of shampoo. Stir by hand and then hang it in a holder until it was dried.
  7. You should have a smooth hair spray in your bag, so that you can spray whenever and wherever.  You may go nuts when you your hair was blown by the wind but you can not comb it. But if you have a smooth hair spray at hand, it would be more convenient. You can even comb your hair by your hand.