Summer is coming, are you ready to enjoy it?

In Summer not only our skin need to apply anti-sunshine lotion to care it, but also hair needs protection, now let's learn how to care our hair together. 

1. Avoid heat treatments: Owing to the sun rays is too strong, which will result in our hair become very week, so any heat styling products is strongly NOT allowed.

2. Night treatment: Hair Mask will help a lot to keep hair wet. Wrap a towel around your hair after applying shampoo washing with hair mask lotion and keep 15-20min, then wash it and put nutritional oil on frizzy hair areas and leave overnight. Wow! soft and unfrizzy hair you will get after wake up.

3. What kind of hair oil to choose: Coconut, olive, and avocado oils are highly recommended because they are easily go into the hair shaft. You can choose whichever suitable for yourself.