Some people often complain that waves and curls of human virgin hair extensions couldn’t keep the original pattern after being washed. Actually, all people with wavy or curly natural hair may meet the same trouble. But some people’s wavy and curly hair still could their beautiful shape even if they wash their hair many time.


Actually, whether body wave hair extensions could keep their original hair styles or not depends on the way of taking care of hair bundles. Manufactures of virgin hair extensions not only have the knowledge about how to produce hair extensions but know how wearers take care of Brazilian hair bundles. After  wash hair bundles, we will figure out that waves and curls of Malaysian hair extensions become straight or loose, not the same as before. Don’t worry.


Dry your hair with a towel to absorb excessive water. Don’t forget not to make it very dry. Because hair is wet, it is easily damaged by hair dryer. When hair doesn’t drip any more, use cold hair or let hair wig dry naturally in the air. When human hair extensions are only slightly moist, apply some hair oil on hand and gently massage it. And then apply it on your hair evenly. Don’t forget to use your finger to comb human hair bundles in one direction- from the top to the end. And use your finger to curl your human hair bundles according to its pattern when you use hair dryer to make hair dry. At last, remember to conditioning Indian hair bundles deeply every two weeks. This is to moisturize hair extensions to keep it in good condition so that hair won’t be dry or split easily. This method could also avoid tangle and shedding problem.