People who wear virgin human hair wig, they definitely won’t let others around them realize this fact. If the hair look is unnatural, it doesn’t really mean you have chosen a terrible human hair wig. The reason why the hair look is unnatural may be that it doesn’t suit you or you wear remy human hair wig in a wrong way. Now, I will introduce several simple steps about wearing Brazilian human hair wig.


Firstly, Comb, trim and style your human hair wig to make them natural and beautiful. If you don’t know how to shape your curly wave human hair wig, you can go to find stylists in some particular salons to get your virgin human hair wig shaped. Since hair wig is 100% human hair, it could be restyled as natural hair, such as straightened, dyed, colored or any other way according to your personal demand.


Secondly, before you wear human hair wig, in order to keep your hair, you should wear a stocking or a wig cap on your hair. This can make you hair not slip out breaking the illusion of a wig. You need to spread natural hair evenly under the wig cap to make sure there are no unnatural hair bumps under the wig.


Fix hair wig firmly. The way you attach depends on the kind of wig and your preferences.

You could use a hair clip or wig tape to hold the wig in place.

Keep your lace front wigs be in good condition in proper way. Ask human hair manufacturer what kind of hair product could be used to protect hair wig from damage and ask about the right way to wash human hair extensions.

You could add a colored head scarf or other accessory on your hair to make the hair look more natural. Sometimes, the wearer’s body language also will make the wig look unnatural. Usually adding one accessory can make your straight hair wig look more natural.