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Different Types of Headband Wigs



  • Dec 11, 2022


Do you want a fuss-free, easy, and quick hairstyling wig to get you through the days? Look no further than the headband wig. A headband wig, as the name suggests, is a wig that comes with an attached hairband to cover the hairline.

It is a quick solution, especially for beginners, where they can just put on the wig without the need for adhesive or glue. All you have to do is put it correctly on your head and you won’t notice even a slight hint that it isn’t your real hair. There are a few different types of headband wigs available for you. Here is a breakdown of all the various kinds to help you in making the right choice. Keep reading!

Body wave Headband Wig

The body wave headband wig is one of the most famous wigs made with human hair. It comes in long waves and will suit almost all face types. If you want to go for a long wig with no curls and defined waves, this could be a great option for you. You may be able to get a choice of color based on where you buy from.

Straight Head Wig

The straight-hair wig has long, straight hair attached to a headband. It also comes in long lengths mostly. You can cut them short to your desired length too. The long, straight hair is a great choice for an evening out. The wig saves your hair from the damage caused by heating tools such as a hair straightener. You can wear the straight wig down or style it up as you want.

Curly Hair Headband Wigs

This option of the hairband wig is perfect for Afro-American women who have a naturally curly mane. Curly hair wigs can be found in various lengths and different textures. In most cases, they are suitable for women who wear their hair with natural curls and would like to add something raw and normal to the hair.

Coiled Multi-Textured Hair

The coiled headband consists of tight curls in the form of coils attached to the headband. Women who have curly hair and would like to get tighter curls for everyday wear can benefit from this wig instead of having to change the texture of their natural hair completely. These wigs usually come in short hair lengths.

Synthetic Hair Headband Wigs

The synthetic hair headband wigs take a slightly different route than most other hairband wigs mentioned here. These wigs are made of synthetic hair unlike a large number of headband wigs that are made from virgin human hair. Synthetic hair can be a great choice to get a sleek look with your natural hair protected under the mane of artificial ones.


Whether you are just starting with wigs or adding one to your previous collection, headband wigs are a great choice. They will soon become your go-to hair accessory, especially on busy days when you don’t have time to sort out your hair. You can just grab a headband wig, wear it, and conquer the world. With the right texture, color, and definition, you can’t go wrong with whichever hairband wig you choose. Make sure to choose wisely, spend within your means, and pick what you like.