Find lollyhair easily

Add to Home Screen to Find Lolly Hair Easily

How to Find us website easily ? Just add us to your home screen, then  you can find us at anytime on your phone.
Here are the guide about how to add Lollyhair website to your home screen, you can refer the followings to do it .

For IOS System

1. Open on Safari or Google , Click the bottom up arrow,as the following pic;

2. Choose"Add to Home Screen" ;

3.For the name, you can save it as you want like"Buy Lolly hair",then click "ADD"

4. Then you can find it on your home page.

For Android System

1.Open on the Google or other browser, and Click the button as the following pic;

 2.Press the menu button in bottom, can choose"Add Bookmark" ,"Add to Home Screen"as the following pics,you can also edit the name 



Note: Can’t find lollyhair After Added it to home screen? (for Android system)

1.Find and get in ‘Apps & notifications’ in Setting

2.Choose ‘Permissions’ and then click on‘Chrome’

3.Click on ‘Set individual Permissions ’ and allow ‘Create homescreen shortcuts ’

4.Try to add to your home again, you will find it this time.