Wearing a wig is nowadays not only limited to the celebrity or rich people. These are regularly used by people not only for correction of baldness of hair but also for look makeover also. The market is flooded with different types of wigs. One may get easily confused with which wear to put on. Most of the time headband wigs are preferred due to their quickness in wearing and durability. On other hand, some people are choosing the half wig due to its benefit of exposing natural hairline. So, just take a look and see the difference between a headband wig and Lace front wig in this article.

What is a Headband Wig?

The Headband wig is made by using carefully sourcing the highest grade 100% virgin human hair and sewing it onto a soft cap. This cap has adjustable straps and clips on the back not only for comfort but also fits securely around the head. It is made with human hair this makes it very breathable, covering the entire scalp. The headband wigs come in a variety of different styles and are perfect if you’re looking to add length or volume to your hair without the fuss of maintaining a standard wig. The advantage of this wig is it could also help to hide hair loss and protect natural hair from harmful UV rays.

This convenient and affordable wig is a beginner’s best friend. If you’re new to wig wearing, then you can’t get better than this. You can dramatically change your look and style. With this wig, there is no glue or lace involved and it is exactly what it sounds like, a high-quality wig fitted onto a headband at the hairline. This method of attachment suits beginners if you haven’t mastered fitting lace and working with baby hair yet. There’s no lace here, so time spent on cutting is saved and no glue is applied onto your scalp to maintain hair, scalp health and prevents itching. The adjustable size makes them very user friendly.

Pros of a Headband wig:

The aces of this wig type are essentially how fast and simple it is. In case you’re searching for something to upgrade your typical look with changed headbands, giving you another look regular then this is the wig for you. 

For what reason would it be advisable for you to wear a headband wig? There are that no pins or paste required while getting this wig. The hair is really delicate and the wig is agreeable to wear so you will not feel hot in the wake of wearing headband wigs, as these are breathable. They are exceptionally simple and bother allowed cleaning and keeping up.

Tips for Wearing and Caring Headband Wig:

First, make your favorite protective hairstyle, e.g., cornrows. Wear a wig cap to create a flat surface to wear the wig. Second, prepare your edges if you want to show off. Third, Brush out the wig and wear it on the head. Fasten the Velcro and combs of the wig’s cap on your hair or tuck them under the wig cap. Wear a stylish headband to give you a chic look.

Here are some easy steps in caring for a headband wig. When you take off the wig, hang it on the stand. Always brush it before wearing and washing it. Shampoo and condition the wig after 8 to 10 wear. Use cold water to wash the headband wig, and do not rub it. Avoid damage to the cuticles by pat drying the headband wig with a cotton t-shirt.

What is a Lace Front wig?


A lace front wig has a see-through (lace) mesh attached to the wig. The design of these wigs uses a small sheer lace panel around the front hairline. These wigs give you an undetectable finish. The finished result gives the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp. The hairline is invisible and simulates realistic baby hair around the front. This gives you the freedom to change up your styles, which adds to the natural-looking nature of this wig type. The overall experience of wearing a lace front wig is much more lightweight and comfortable than wearing a standard wig.

Pros of a Lace Front wig:

This wig type gives you the most natural result. This gives you an undetectable finish, realistic hairline, all for an amazingly affordable price. The Lace Front wig is easier and quicker to take on and off.

An advantage to wearing a lace front wig is the illusion of a natural hairline. It is virtually impossible to tell that the hair is a wig. This natural result is a confidence booster for any wearer and also this works for those that may be experiencing hair loss. Lace front wigs are safe to wear and can even help to grow out your natural hair underneath if this is what you desire. The large selection of different colors available means that rather than using harsh chemicals and hair color on your hair, you can change up your style simply by applying a Lace Front Wig.

Tips for wearing a Lace Front wig:

  • Make sure your hair is flat underneath. You could use twists underneath to create a flat surface to apply the wig
  • You can use a stocking cap to keep your hair flat.
  • Use combs and hands to gently place the wig comfortably on your head.
  • Experiment with different styles to mix up your style and create natural looks.


Lace Front wig or Headband wig, which one to choose?

Well, this is a tricky question. In this beauty and cosmetics world, personal preference plays the most critical role. But I will help you to choose the right Wig for you.

Whether you like lace wigs or not, it will provide the most natural look. That is why celebrities and professionals choose this Wig. But lace front wigs require time and expertise. Sometimes you may need your beautician to help you with your lace wig. It also involves a couple of hours, cutting and adjusting of laces. Women use glue to attach lace  front wigs. Sometimes adhesives and sealants are termed as a hassle by the consumer.

That is why lace front wigs are more suited for women who want the best, have enough time and money.

Now for the Headband wig, it is the most convenient and easy Wig to wear. Headband wig doesn't require any glues, straps, modifications, or any cutting. That is why it's best suited for beginners and young consumers. Most young and working women who lack time but want to try out different hairstyles are the perfect candidates for wigs with headbands attached.


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