Women and girls live with a mission of maintaining or improving their beauty every day. Fortunately, there are thousands of beauty products to enable them to achieve their dream. Among the most common among women is the use of wigs on their heads to achieve a stunning look. This way women found an easy way of having a fuller head.

There are different types of wigs that you can buy in the market today. The main categories of wigs are human hair and synthetic wigs. For human hair wigs, you can have a lace wig, headband wig, and much more. Lace wigs can be lace front wigs and full lace wigs. This is all dependent on the lace area.

Headband wigs are another type of wig that is becoming exceptionally popular among women and girls. It has become a common hairpiece on the heads of most celebrities due to its stunning beauty. If you are lazy to make your hair, this is the wig to pick for your big day. It is simple and convenient to wear and maintain than most human hair wigs.

This wig gives the wearer a natural look and is designed with a beautiful material that resembles a headband around it. Like most regular cap wigs, the headband wigs have three combs – right, left, and the back comb. The backcomb gives it a natural feel when worn. Otherwise, you could feel as if it’s sliding on your head.

Steps of Wearing a Headband Wig.

Buying an amazing wig isn’t enough. It will only serve its purpose if it’s worn correctly using the right procedure. As we said earlier, some women will choose this wig due to its convenience when wearing and also maintaining it. Below are the steps of wearing a headband wig:

Brush Back Your Hair.

This is the first step when you want to install this wig correctly on your head. You shouldn’t part the hair. Using a small brush, lay baby hair at the front of your head to give you a more natural look when you wear the wig.

Put on Wig.

You are almost done! Wear the wig directly on your head and ensure to attach all the combs. The wig will probably be loose and hence should tighten it using Velcro. Headbands on these wigs are also useful in maintaining the wig in position. A headband wig is a great hairpiece if you love partying and dancing while shaking your head.

Put on a Headband and Style The Wig.

Headbands come in varying designs and colors. Colorful headbands combined with a ponytail style are amazing during summer. Wide headbands are better than small ones because they make the wig more stable. Again, they help to hide the black headband attached to the wig. You can choose your favorite hairstyle depending on the occasion you are attending wearing the headband wig.

Comparing Lace Wigs to Headband Wigs.

Human hair wigs are turning to be part and parcel of every woman’s life. All are good to use but they aren’t identical in all aspects. Therefore, it’s paramount to note the differences between the headband and lace wigs. Let’s look at some of the differences:


When you wear a headband wig, you have the opportunity to display your natural hairline. Lace wigs require you to choose one among three hairlines - pre-plucked hairline, widow’s peak, and natural hairline.

Whether you choose to wear a 13 x 4 lace front wig, full lace wig, 4 x 4 lace front wig, 13 x 6 lace front wig, or any other lace wig, you’ll still have more hairline options. Headband wigs allow your head scalp to breathe and gives their users a natural look with an exposed natural hairline.

Wig Installation.

Wearing and styling a headband wig takes you a few seconds, unlike most lace wigs. The three steps of wearing this wig can take a minute or less depending on the urgency needed. You don’t require to apply any glue or cut the lace to fix it. If you love to be in freely hanging hair, you only need to throw it on your head and fasten it to remain in position.

Lace wigs need time to apply adhesives and cut the lace. These steps make the installation process tedious. Any adjustments on a lace wig require you to remove it and reset your hairline. Installing it again will mean you use more glue and therefore it’s less economical. Furthermore, beginners cannot install a lace wig but can easily wear a headband wig and rush to an occasion.


If you are looking for a beautiful hairpiece on a tight budget, headband wigs are a good option for you. Most human hair headband wigs are available at a friendlier price than their counterparts. Not only the buying price but headband wigs are cheaper to maintain than lace wigs such as the lace front wigs. Look for a headband wig if you want to purchase a cheap human hair wig that won’t frustrate you.


When you want to wear a headband wig, it’s good to consider the shape of your face. You should position it around the hairline if you have an oval face. This ensures it’s more stable and looks more natural. Women or girls with long faces should use wide headbands on top of their heads to look more natural. The wigs can be curly or wavy depending on your preference. For those with round faces, it’s advisable to wear long headband wigs to give you a longer face appearance.

We have seen why headband wigs are growing popular day by day. Women will look at the prices and the quality of the wigs before buying them. When these factors are considered, headband wigs will carry the day. Remember their convenience during installation and styling.

Select the hairpiece that will see you comfortable for long hours while maintaining the style you ‘fixed’. With a well-installed headband wig, you will conveniently embark on your day’s activities without the fear of it falling. If you have a busy schedule, then buy a headband wig to help you save time.