As we all know, human hair includes remy hair and non-remy hair. Some people think that the hair surface is covered with scales, and the scales of the hairs are in one direction. Most of remy hairs are cutting from the hair. The head and the end of the hair is oriented in the same direction. And the end of remy hair is slightly pale yellow. Non-remy hair is totally different. The scales of non-remy hair are disorderly. But it is very difficult to identify the difference between remy hair and non-remy hair only from the appearance. But we still can identify the difference between them.

Here are some tips about how to distinguish between hair and hair:

  1. We can observe the appearance of the hair. The appearance of remy hair has scales, and generally they haven’t been treated with special acid. So the hair is slightly frizz and dry. But non-remy hair often has been treated with some process. And the hair is slightly bright.
  2. As we all know, remy hair has scales, it is just like the fish. You will have different feelings when you stroke the hair. It is very smooth when you stroke the remy hair from the head to the end. But it is very scabrous when you stroke remy hair from the end to the head. And non-remy hair doesn’t has scales, so no matter how you stroke it, it always feels smooth and seldom be tangled. And that is why the non-remy hair is so popular.
  3. The softness, elasticity and moisture of the hair is different, but how to identify the difference between them depends on your experience.

Remy hair is tougher than non-remy hair which are from the same place of origin. Non-remy hair is shedding from metabolism of human body or external influence. So remy hair can be used for longer.