Beautiful wigs are easily and widely available in the market. You just need to visit a hair store or place online order to buy wigs. Though pre-made wigs are easily available, many still choose to make their own wig.  DIY wig for beginners is a complicated task. Also, there are many questions that arise like- “how to make my own wig without closure”; “how to make a homemade wig” or “beginner guide for making a wig with bundles”.  Wig making definitely needs a lot of knowledge and patience. Wigs are the most common things in black women's life. Almost every women African America use wigs to replace their original hair. But how to make a wig, not everyone knows it. In this blog we will try to guide you on how to make a wig with Closure and Bundles.

1. Choose the type of Wig you Need to make:

In the first step, you have to determine what kind of wig you are going to make. In the market now, there is a variety of hair wigs, such as full lace wig, lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, and so on. For example, a lace frontal wig is made with a piece of lace with 13×4 in size and 2-3 hair bundles.   
Continue; narrow down the hair type you use to make a hair wig. Two common hair types are human hair and synthetic fibers that are used to create a hairpiece. The benefits of these hair types are nearly endless. However, people tend to choose raw human hair to make the hair as it looks more natural. Also, there are so many options when you shop human hair extensions, from raw straight hair, curly hair to kinky curly hair and so much more.

2. Wig Making Materials Tools

Now that you have narrowed down the hair wig you want, you need to have all suitable tools to make a wig with bundles. You will need: 
– A wig head or mannequin head
– 3-4 hair bundles in the same length
– Wig stand
– Curved needle and weave thread
– Adjustable wig cap
– Wig combs or elastic strip
– Scissors
– T-pins or any safety pins
– Lace frontal or closure (optional)
After the main materials for wig making are well prepared, you should know your exact head size so that you can make a perfect wig. Now let us talk about how to measure your head size:

3.Head size measure methods for making a custom wig

First: Circumference
The circumference is a way around your hairline, please wrap your hairline upon your ear, and tight your measurement which feels comfortable. There you will get the size, and check it. Generally, 21 inch to 23 inches is a national standard, there is a strap on the wig you can adjust the size from 21 inches to 23 inches. If you have a special size, smaller or larger, you need to tell the wig makers before you place an order.
Second: Front to nape
Use the measurement from the middle of your forehead; come across the top of your head, then to the bottom. If you can’t operate it well, you can find somebody do it for you and gets the right size.
Third: Ear to ear across forehead
From ear to ear, across your forehead. For lace front wigs, the size should be 13inch normally, different hair manufacturer uses different sizes, some use 13*4 inch lace frontal, some use 13*6 inch lace closure, if you want your pre-plucked wig's hairline long, you can choose 13*6 inch lace closure.
Forth: Ear to ear top head
From ear to ear, across your top head. Please keep straight with your ear and the top head. This step decides how deep the wig cap.
Fifth: temple to temple round back
From temple to temple, across the back of your head. Keep a Horizontal line with your ear.
Last: nape of the neck
At the bottom of your neck hairline, measuring the size.

4.Step by Step sewing a wig:

You can either choose from synthetic hair or human hair as per your choice. human hair is considered for being comfortable. Now Follow the hair tracks, and start to sew in hair extensions on the cap making sure it’s tight. the lace closure can either be sewed first or after hair weave finish. Start with the part of closure to make your wig look more natural.
Sew the hair row by row
You can cut the bundle into small pieces or also fold while sewing.
Start sewing the hair from the back by creating two tight knots to keep them at the place.
Complete sewing first hair row then moving to the next one.
Hair trace should be neat and bump free.  Follow the same for second & third ones leaving a U-part section on wig cap forehead.
Sew hair in the U-part for a fuller look and sew the rest hair bundle pieces into the cap. Cover the cap net full of hair to get your own hair wig.

5.Style your Wig:

After learning How to Make the Perfect Wig and making one, it’s time to comb it well to get a good look. Always use a wide comb which tends to avoid tangle or shedding.  It’s time to adjust your hair as per the complexion or style. You can leave the hair wig free or have a middle part hairstyle. You can also style the hair as you like loose wave bundles. 

6.Where to Buy Good Hair Weave to Sew In a Wig

There are plenty of hair weave sellers in the market that tend to confuse people. Hence it becomes quite difficult to select a place from where to buy best human hair bundles to make a wig. We suggest you buy sew in hair extensions in from Lollyhair. They sell good quality human hair bundles, frontal wig, 3 bundles with lace closure, closure, and frontal, curly hair weave, body wave weave, loose wave bundles, etc. If you have any requirement, please come and purchase. Brand hair has quality assurance, their customer service good, shipping is fast