If you are the first time to purchase human hair wig, you must know something about how to identify that the virgin hair is real or not.

First of all, body wave human hair wig is real hair from human donors which is unprocessed chemically so virgin human hair should not have strong chemical smell. So if the hair has very bad smell, you should be careful that it might undergo chemical process.

And then you should beware of the excessive shedding problem. Most of human hair bundles have been processed with double machine weft in order to make sure the hair is very tight and strong, extremely extending hair life.

Next you can burn virgin human hair, but be careful, just need a few strands of hair. If the hair you bought is real human hair, it should burns completely and smells like human’s hair being burnt. Otherwise, it would burn much slower and smells like burning plastic, like synthetic hair.

Oh, you’d better check the hair’s length is same as the description. If the hair you purchased is wavy hair or curly hair, you should let the hair be stretched to straight and then measure it, not just measure the hair directly while it still keep the original shape.

What’s more, if your virgin hair is with top quality, it would keep its original shape after being washed.

At last, your virgin straight hair wig could be treated as your own hair. It can be dyed, bleached and restyled according to personal favor. But don’t forget to apply protective spray on your hair weave, before using heat tools on your hair extensions