Beauty is an eternal topic for human beings especially for women since ancient time. Now more and more women hold an opinion that hair is their second face so they find different ways to decorate their hair such as changing their hairstyles and wearing a wig and so on. Today I want to share some suggestions about how to wear Straight Virgin Hair wig with those who want to be a beauty.

Step1:part few top hairs and braid it into the small piece 

Step2:Finish the front head braid in the same way

Step3: Finally braid your hair in full sections and pile on your head

Step4: open the weft and star to sew in on the head from the bottom of the head

Step5: Braid the weft from down to top in turn and you wear a Straight Virgin Hair wig now

The above steps you can do it yourself or you can call one of your friends for help( i prefer the later cause I am so clumsy). Maybe you wear a wig, maybe not. To those who like a wig: following the steps above seriously, wearing a wig correctly, you will be a beautiful day by day.