Maybe you are the first time to wear virgin human hair wig, now I will give you some suggestion about how to wear a wig. It could be divided into two main steps: apply a hair net and wear a wig.

Firstly, compared with someone with long hair, people with short hair will find them easier to wear hair nets. They just need to place their hair into the hair net. But for people with long hair, they need to put long hair on or braid hair before wearing hair nets. But, here is a problem. Since the hair is tied or braided, there will always be some uneven lumps. Since what you want to achieve through wearing virgin hair is to hide your real hair and make your straight human hair wig look natural, so this method is not the perfect one to wear the hair net. The best way to wear the hair net is no matter long or short hair, do not braid hair, just directly put the hair net into the neck, then pull up the end of the hair net, put all the hair into it. Don’t forget to rub your hair apart by hand. Make the hair spread evenly.

And there are some points that you need to pay attention to. When you pull up the hair net, the end of the hair net facing down (the end of the tight mouth) must press the hairline, do not exceed it. Over pulling the hair net make it easy to loosen. As for people with long hair and large hair volume, you should use some small clips on the closing position to fix your wig after wearing the hair net.

Here is the last step: apply the wig. As long as you wear the hair net, body wave hair wig is easy to be applied. After the wig is worn, you can feel that there are two small pieces of protruding lining of the wig’s corner position. Pull the lining with both hands and adjust it to the symmetrical position.