Since it’s easy for wearers to manage straight hair, it is a popular hair style among working women. It looks glossy with mirror-like shine. However too much times of straighten your natural hair will make it split, dry and lose its luster. At the meantime, you might use gels, sprays and other hair products. Since these hair products will damage your own hair, you should consider Malaysian straight hair extensions.



Natural luster, softness and high elasticity are the main merits of Malaysian hair extensions. So it could blend more naturally with natural hair. Although it is thick and durable, it has light weight. Since it is 100% human hair, it’s not easy to be split. Like other hair materials, Malaysian wavy hair bundles also require appropriate care to keep them shiny and soft.


Now I will introduce some great tips for you.

Firstly, use your fingers or wide-toothed hairbrush through hair to comb your hair in order to avoid tangle problem. But don’t forget to comb Malaysian virgin human hair gently. Don’t be rude or your straight human hair extensions might shed.


Secondly, remember to wash your hair extensions regularly. After using gentle shampoo, cover your hair with conditioner that moisturizes Malaysian hair wig. Especially when your hair starts to dry, conditioner is great for your hair extensions, which moisturizes and rejuvenates your Malaysian hair lace wig. Don’t forget to use a shampoo with neutral PH. In order not to make your hair dry, you’d better avoid over washing. After you wash your straight human hair extensions, you should absorb excess water gently with a towel and then leave it dry naturally. But if you have to use the hair dryer, set it in a medium-low heat.