The fact cannot be ignored is that the wig is being used more common in our daily life and it’s becoming a fashion trend during the age 16 and 65.

Wig is getting popular because of it has own beautify function. You don’t need to do operation on your hair,you don’t need to do some therapies to solve the problems of losing hair or hair getting white. it save your time and your money, you don’t need to dye your hair color again and again,with proper care of the wig, you can own a perfect stunning wig as you have always want, the best part of wig is that prevent us from toxic hair colorant which is unhealthy to us.

Wig is convenient and multi-functional,like go with different weather,occasions and outfit styles with different kind of wig in different hair color then present a glamorous stunning you.

However,with many kinds of hair wig on the market, you are hard to make your choice.

As we are not expert in this hair line, so we are often buy the bad quality wigs. Actually,there are many kinds of wigs, you will have a clear awareness by see this.

According to hair material, you may know:

  1. Human Hair
  2. Synthetic Hair
  3. Blend Hair
  4. Feather Hair

According to hair price,you may know :

  1. High grade wig
  2. Normal grade wig

No matter how to distinguish on wig, just remember,synthetic hair is what we called “normal hair wig ” ,while human hair wig is the high end grade.

So here, we are clarify your confusion on this difference.

Normal hair wig:

Synthetic Wig Hair Extension

Wig is made by means of new technologies,Made of industrial materials,by using chemical means to produce, normally this is mass production by machine.

But this wig is often causing allergic on your head, looks fake,and the hair style is rigid and hard to keep its shape, but this is rather cheaper than real human hair !

High grade hair wig:

human hair wig virgin hair extensions

This type of wig is made by 100% real human virgin hair,fully hand-made sew in.

With human hair, the wig looks natural and real,it’s just the same as your original hair,perfect match with it.

Besides, human hair wig is breathable,have no harms to hair skin,tangle-free,minimum shedding while is easy to care.

Once you have use human hair wig, you will find it super solid and fixable ,it stay the same even if you are swimming or playing basketball or some strenuous exercise. In the mean time, you may also to restyle or dye color according to your favor to make your hair style!

Lolly hair will always provide you with the best quality of virgin human hair,the best hair bundles to make your own hair style.