Reward Points

1.What is Reward Points?

Reward Points are our way of rewarding our loyal customers who buying from Lolly Hair. The points are awarded automatically to your account once you place order, register, sign in, write review and so on. Which means that returning customers can quickly build up a large number of points – the more you spend and do, the more you will get.

2.How to Get Points?

1) Sign In
You will get 200 Reward Points if you register new account.

This account will show how many points you collect, so please don’t change or create new account too often. Please remember your password, if forget, then reset one. Before you place order every time, please sign in your account at first.

2) Place Orders
How much you spend, how many points you will get, which means $1=5 Reward Point, such as $200=1000 Reward Points,
The more you spend this time, the more points you will get and the more you will save for your next order.

3) Follow on Instagram,& Like or share on Fackbook
You will get 50 Reward Points if Follow on our Instagram @lollyhairstore, Like or share on Facebook.

4) Celebrate a birthday
You will get 200 Reward Points if Celebrate your birthday

3.How much are the reward points worth?

500 Reward Points = $5; 1000 Reward Points = $10;

You can spend as many points as you have available. Whether just 1 Reward Point or 1,000 Reward Points, you can spend what you have.

4.How do i spend my reward points?

Reward Points can be spent at checkout and used like cash. When checking out, a total value of points will show you what you will earn on your purchase and then how many you have available to spend. Input the amount of points you have, then it will redeem the money and deduct for your order automatically.

5.How do i check my point balance?

When you log into "My Account" on Lolly Hair, you will find a tab called "My Reward Points" you can check your current point summary here and your previous history that when you got and spent them.